my little boy

So this picture came up on my ‘on this day’ on Facebook and it sent me into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions cause the tiny little baby staring into his Da74071_170708909605983_3348061_ndee’s eyes in this picture is having his 7th birthday THIS Sunday. (sept 24)

I know crazy right!? This one is probably one of my favorite pictures of them two. I can’t take the cuteness overload in this picture.


Geno is such a sweet caring young man. Generous in so many ways. Very clever. He’s so different than all the other kids his age.  it may come as a surprise to you cause it does to total random strangers when they ask him but he doesn’t like super heroes. lol his face when random strangers hold up a spider man mask or ask them what his favorite super hero is. He rolls his eyes so hard I can almost hear it, but he’s always polite and says I don’t really like super heroes.

however you bring up little pocket monsters you battle wKODAK Digital Still Cameraith and he’s all over it. Him and his eye doctor recently had a long conversation about Pokémon. It was hilarious to sit in the eye doctor office listening to them talk about Pokémon.

I think Geno likes the idea of a friend that lasts forever. Like Ash and Pikachu. A friend who sticks by you through thick and thin. Some one who loves you so much you can’t live without them. I think that type of thing speaks to his heart more than chasing bad guys and using super3807 powers.

At a recent tiger scout meeting when asked why he joined he said it was to make new friends. I thought that was pretty impressive. His father and I always thought he was a gatherer, someone who will bring people in0801131310a. Other kids seem to always want to be around him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had parents come up to me and say, “so and so always talks about Geno.” meanwhile I don’t really hear about any of these other kids and I pray to God it was all good things. It usually is all good things.

I think that’s because they see something in Geno that they like. He leaves and impression.  I have no idea where he gets that. God made him that way for his glorious purpose. I cannot take any credit for his personality.

my job is to observe these amazing traits and help them grow.

I love how he’s so silly but yet he’s SO thoughtful. He amazes me more often than not with the things he says.

We often have to remind ourselves he’s only a kid.



OMG my baby is going to be SEVEN!!!


seriously folks, don’t blink. I feel like next time I do he’s going to be graduating.



Dreams and work go hand in hand

You know… when I look at how I can easily I can miss a whole week or only blog once in 3 weeks I wonder if I was thinking about things. cause you know that’s ‘theme’ of this whole blog is thinking- its about showering too but I promise you I’ve done that part.

right now I am thinking, “of course I thought about things! one doesn’t go through everyday without THINKING!?” right?

one can OVER think things and I do that a lot and it gets me into trouble.

We’ve been busy. We’ve been trying to be intentional about getting things done around the house and setting aside time to be a family. its hard to balance everything you need to do when you have young kids, but you make it work.

  1. We’ve done some stuff to the outside. I’ve been sitting on plans and designs for years now but we’ve never done anything with them until now. its looking great!
  2. Geno join cub scouts and oh boy is he excited. Dadee is also excited
  3. sickness- between me and ella. lets hope it stays between us and leaves quickly.

Sometimes you can get lost in the humdrum of every day wondering what you did with yourself all day. I feel as if you let that happen its just a start to a downward spiral into depression. Making an effort to make every day stand out and not blur together has been something on my mind, I guess.

I keep thinking…every day should be like getting a brand new puppy. My aunt recently just got one and I remember Marshall’s puppy days. But with a pupp


Layla. She’ll grow into those ears.

y every day comes with new territory. new things to smell- see- taste. New headaches….lol  and learning new personalities. i’m sure my aunt and her new pup are learning and studying each other every day.

With a new puppy comes excitement and hopes and dreams! when you get a puppy you think of all the FUN things you are going to do with it. then reality hits you. cause a puppy is a lot of work and you can’t see any dreams or hopes come to fruition without putting any effort into it first.

Chase your own hearts desires and don’t worry about what other people say is something I tell myself a lot.

cause I do think about what others may think because I value the opinions of others. I don’t have all the answers in life so I look to those who are wiser than me for advice. My view of the world is limited to what i see through my own eyes and there might be something i missed if I’m just leaning on my eyes alone.  but with everything there is a fine line you walk when doing this and I’m learning to not be shaken if their opinion of what I do doesn’t match up with my own. Taking their thoughts into consideration and then adding it to my own or shelving it.

take the good stuff you can grow from and leave the negative stuff that is only meant to imprison you and bring you down. be free.

that reminds me of what the Lord spoke to me a while ago. He said, “Wild thang…you make my heart sang…” laughing cause I know its a song, but in Zephaniah it says he rejoices over us with singing.

a great thought. it makes me smile.

N-E ways…i’m out of coffee til next time!


my weekend in a nut shell. (photos cred. my sister and my aunt)

typing this from my phone as I lay bundled in sweatpants, alpaca hair sweater -with hood, and a blanket. needless to say I’m not feeling well, but a mom’s job never ends just cause their sick. however doing the bare-min while under the weather or blanekts in my case, is perfectly fine.

my thought process as a mom is: I gotta clean up, I gotta do laundry. yes I do. it’s part of my job but there is a wonderful balance I like to lean towards on days like this

thing like cleaning up the pile of hand me down shoes in the hall and the deck of cards in the den those can be set aside and I’ll get to them later… no one will die if I don’t clean up now and I’m sure my family was clothed when they left the house so laundry isn’t a necessity currently.

things like making sure the children have food and water, along with the dog, and changing diapers, taking the dog out… those are important.  spending time with ella is also important luckly i can either lay on the couch or on the floor with her as we play….not what i have in mind to rest but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m thankful nap time rolls around and I have have sleep on the agenda. i cant get better to take care of everything, if i don’t take care of myself first. I’m also thankful for 5:35 when the husband walks through the door.

getting him to pick up chicken from giant eagle and fries he can throw in the oven is 100% okay.  in fact it’s our favorite- we don’t do often. so it’s a treat! plates of ranch and ketchup smiles brighten my day as I pull myself from the couch to eat.

prayers from my kids as I ask them to pray over me also lifts my spirits as I had both geno and Ella do that. geno likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around me as he talks to God on my behalf and Ella herself curled up in my arms and mumbled something only God understands right now.


good night! …..zZZZZZzzzzzzz…..

first what??

Something was different yesterday morning but I couldn’t put my paw on it. Everybody was up early walking around like something was about to happen.20170828_072823 They told me to sit for something they call a picture. I was suspicious, not to mention, I didn’t want to cause I was to busy investigation some smell over by that blade of grass.

After that we went inside to eat, well they ate, I sat hoping they’d share and then mom called “come on time to go!” I got excited cause I thought I was going somewhere too but really, we all just went outside again. Even more of a let down because they walked down to the part where i’m never allow to go and “like a good boy” I sat on my spot and watched. I watched as this big noisy thing came and picked the boy up and went away with him. 20170828_080745

I was a tad confused as if I never seen this before, but mom came back up without him and assured me he will be back later.

I tried to amuse myself with the other little thing that walks around. I like her. She feeds me my food out of the bowl. however she is quite noisy. she howls a lot. I don’t get why she’s allow to do it when I get yelled at every time I do it.  20170828_094352Anyways there’s so much you can do with her.  We do a little bit of running, a little bit of staring out the window and then she disappears for a long time and i’m left to do nothing. Sulk I guess. I get bored easily. Mom tries to help, I like it when she throws the ball cause she can get it very far, but with the boy I get to explore the woods! ooo..I like the woods. so many smells and things to roll in! We do our own thing but I like it when he’s with me every so often he gives me a pat. He doesn’t call for me right when I’m in the middle of something good, like mom and dad does. I like this boy. I think I’ll keep him and call him mine.



Fast forward to today….it happened again. I wonder if this is going to happen a lot. what am I going to do with myself. Maybe if I follow mom around the house all day She’ll take me somewhere fun??


Happy birthday!

Well, its only fitting that I write a blog post dedicated to a few special people in my lives who were born on this day.

first my sister.  happy birthday. okay the end.

haha…just kidding!

Lately I’ve people have been looking at me and thinking that I am my sister. It’s not a shocker, we do look alike, and I’m not offended in any way maybe its because I lost some weight, which then, I’ve affectionately nicknamed her, “the skinny sister.” Anyways…. I actually take looking like my sister as a compliment. I always thought my sister was beautiful and I’ve always looked up to her. i’m not sure she’s knows, but me always taking her clothes and destroying her My Little Ponies was just a way of me saying I want to be like you.

Leigh has always been so independent, she always knew what she wanted and she didn’t take no crap from any one. She will tell you like it is. Most importantly she knows her worth.

it might come as a surprise to you, but my sister has a killer sense of humor. She tends to lean towards the introverted side of life, but once you get to know her… man! She’ll surprise you. Her one-liners, those zingers, she comes up with just make me jealous, like why didn’t I think of that!? Plus! She has a sensitive side that she tries to hide, for some reason, but I think that makes her even more amazing. She’s got a good eye for things too. shoes, clothes, home decor she always picks out things that look good. The real deal ladies and gentlemen- All this tied up in a little package named Leighanna.

Speaking of little packages…that bring me to my next person. This little girl right here.


MAN! she is one of a kind. Spunky, fierce, full of life and energy and its all packed into her tiny little body of hers.

I thought I knew what I was doing with this whole parenting gig but then she was born and she literally threw everything I knew out. the. window.

I tell people she is writing her own story, one that I don’t get the next chapter for until after she passes it.  She keeps me guessing and keeps me on my toes. I don’t know what God was thinking when he was forming her but apparently I needed someone like Ella in my life. She truly symbolizes a butterfly. Fluttering in the breeze never in one place for a long period of time. Dancing freely through life. Part of me wishes I came up with a different symbol for her, like a rock. steady and strong, stays in one place, it might have been easier on me as a mom. LOL

Eh anyways. here’s to MANY more years! Cheers!

Happy birthday, Leigh. Happy birthday Ella.

 I love you guys SO very much!

growing up

Isn’t it amazing that the moment your child’s birthday rolls around how they suddenly look, and act so much older and in an instant you’re left with the all to familiar saying, “where’d my baby go?” or “slow down!”

With my youngest I feel like I blinked and she’s now two (or will be two on Friday). My almost 7 year old well, I feel like he’s been around FOR- E V E R, nevertheless, I cherish his 7 little turns of the earth.

A Starbucks date got me thinking of all this. However a few gut busting merry go round’s around the table later and I get a glimpse of the precious babies that my memories hold dear.

Why? why, as mother’s do we want to cling onto the ‘baby’ part of our children’s lives?

Even for someone like me who has taught her children from a very early age to be self sufficient and dependent. Why do all my memories cling to the infant stage? 3 is my favorite age and 4 is even better and I LOVE seeing little ones put two and two together and learn something for the first time. I love the stories they share and what they find to be funny.

I have a buddy, Levi, he’s the greatest story teller and watching his face light up when he FINALLY gets to the good part there are no words in my book to describe!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..*sighs* and *smiles*

I’m just thinking of how my kids have a serious sparkle in their eyes. When they look up at me there’s so much adventure, mystery, and unspeakable joy pouring out. At times I think they glow, there’s so much sparkle, so much wonder in them.

wonder (n) : “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”





My hero.

Not sure where to start with this one. So I’m just going to jump right into the juicy content that JUMPED out at me as I was reading.

Genesis 45 is the part where Joseph and his brother meet face to face after they  crush and mocked his dreams, confuse him, took his robe, confiscated his identity, and sold him as a slave. Only to then further face other trials that comprised him and his integrity and lastly took away his freedom and confined him unjustly.


then these next couple parts are what get me. the bible says he cries. CRIES! So loudly the whole palace heard him and he says, “I am Joseph, is my father still alive?”  Dude!? get the tissues….. I don’t believe that would be my first response.

Of course his brothers are shocked and scared to death cause if he really was their brother, their ‘brother’ is now in charge of all of Egypt and they have a lot of butt kissing to do.” NO! you’d think right?!

here’s what Joseph says,

” Now don’t be worried. Don’t be angry with yourselves because you sold me here. God sent me here ahead of you to SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES.”

WHAT!? EH!? WHO SAYS THAT? people????

would you say that to the very same people, who betrayed you, hurt you so deeply I’m sure it would take YEARS of therapy to fix. folks, these people were his brothers. His family.


I had to take a step back and think about it. who says that? who COULD say that?

some one:

  1. who knows that his identity was strongly anchored in Christ.
  2. who knew that God had his back. (in fact the bible states “the Lord was with him”
  3. who learned to forgive in the MIST of his hardships.
  4. Who had the compassion of Christ deep inside him. (He cried because he loved and missed them and didn’t even see the things they did to him when they appeared to him)

Lastly, Joseph wasn’t thinking of himself. He was thinking of his father, the men, women, and children of the land, the famine to come and how people weren’t  going to survive unless some one who was tested, tried and trued was in leadership to keep things in order and give God the glory.

may we all be a little bit like Joseph.

big brothers rock!

So Geno was away for a couple of days in Erie with the grandparents. He had SO much fun, many fun filled adventures.

Back at the ranch, we missed him. well, I MISSED him. A LOT. Ella who is usually footloose and fancy free became my shadow and I’ve never heard my name so many times in one minute before…..EVER!

“mum. mum. mum. mum. mum. mum. mum.”

I never really realized how much Geno actually helps me by just being present. Now I see that when he’s home, she’s his shadow. The great thing about that is, he never complains. I feel lucky.

It has given me a glimpse into what this school year is going to be like when Geno is gone the whole day. Now that I see what she’s going to be like it I can already be prepared and I will gladly take this opportunity to get one on one with her.


Some mommy and me time will be good for Ella. I look forward to it.


We will be working on:

  1. verbal skills
  2. potty training


Pastor’s whole sermon yesterday kept reminding me of a little testimony in Geno’s life.  Pastor Chris challenged us to think OUTSIDE our thoughts.   #InsideOut. (click there to hear more)

here’s the story that id like to share:

At one New Life’s encounter worship nights a while ago, I was stirred to stop worshipping and bend over and talk with Geno. I said to him, “Geno, mommy wants you to give me 3 mins of your time.” and he said okay so I proceeded to tell him that God can talk to anybody. Even little ones like Ella, in fact HE LOVES to do that, but we got to give Him our attention to do that and I told Geno, God wants to talk to you right now.

Geno looked some what eager, some what annoyed but like a good boy he was WILLING.

so I said, “I want you to close your eyes listen to the words of the song we are singing and think about Jesus. TELL Him how GOOD, GREAT AWESOME he is! and then I want you to stop and JUST listen cause He’s going to say something right back to you.”

so he did, I left him a lone for a few minutes and he turned to me when he was done and this was his response.

Geno said, “God told me

Ima good kid and don’t let anything hold you back”

boom! drop the mic.

you see how simple that is!? it wasn’t this great spiel that went on and on forever! it was short, very sweet and ON POINT! and it STILL BLEW MY MIND AWAY.

seriously it put a NUKE in my “box” and BLEW. IT. UP.


As Pastor continued I was reminded of how simple it is to hear from God. He can use an ever day object in the room to tell you how amazing YOU are. You don’t have to complicated it.

If you never heard from God before I challenge you to take a 3 mins of your time focus on God and then just listen.

expect Him to say how much he loves you and how he sent his son for you. heck, if all you hear is, “you’re a great kid and don’t let anything hold you back”

then that’s what you needed to hear and THAT’S God.